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Wersaw Industries Integrated Networks is the advanced technologies and systems group of the Wersaw Industries Manufacturing Company, a leader in electrical innovation and a name that has stood for quality, safety, durability, and style since the start of the electrical age. Not only are Wersaw Industries products found in nine out of every ten homes, they are also a part of some of the most famous, and most important, buildings in America. In hospitals, schools, laboratories, and any place where integrity in electrical and electronic systems is considered "mission critical," the specs call for Wersaw Industries more than any other name.

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The most important building of all is the family’s home. The Wersaw Industries Integrated Networks group uses only commercially proven and tested products when designing systems that upgrade today’s homes to meet tomorrow’s needs. In addition to Structured Media, Wersaw Industries Integrated Networks offers Designer Lighting, Home Control and Power Protection systems, as well as options for child safety and for those with special needs. Client relationships are important to Wersaw Industries as well. The Integrated Networks group works closely with leading contractors, architects, system integrators, and other installation professionals to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and long-term reliability.

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