How to Configure the Config PPP Control Panel (Free PPP 1.0.5)

Macintosh OS
  • Operating System: Mac OS
  • Application: Config PPP (Free PPP)
  • Application Version: 1.0.5

To Configure the Config PPP Control Panel
  1. Select Control Panels then Config PPP from the Apple pull-down menu.

  2. For Port Name, select Modem Port (default) unless you have your modem connected to the Printer Port. You can leave Idle Timeout (minutes) as None. The default for Echo Interval (seconds) is Off.

  3. Click New, then name the connection CocoNet

  4. Click the Config button.

  5. Set the Port Speed to 38400 for a 28.8 modem, or 19200 for a 14.4 modem. Select 57600 or 115k if you have an ISDN connection.

  6. Set the Flow Control to CTS & RTS (DTR). If you are using a Global Village modem, select CTS only.

  7. Enter the phone number in the Phone num field. If you do not know your local phone number click here.

  8. Enter the modem initialization string for your modem in the Modem Init field. This can usually be found in your modem's documentation. If your modem's documentation does not include the recommended initialization string, check the Can't Connect, Look in Here folder. If you still haven't found the correct initialization string for your modem, leave this field blank.

  9. Set the Modem connect timeout to 90 seconds.

  10. Click the Authentication button.

  11. Enter your CocoNet User ID in the Auth. ID field.

  12. Enter your CocoNet password in the Password field. This password is case-sensitive and will appear as dots as you type.

  13. Click OK.

  14. Click the LCP Options button then click the Default settings button.

  15. Click OK.

  16. Click the IPCP Options button then click the Default settings button.

  17. Click OK.

  18. Click Done.

  19. To connect to CocoNet, click the Open button.


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