How to Configure OT/PPP  for Mac OS

Macintosh OS
  • Operating System: Mac OS
  • Application: Open Transport/PPP
  • Application Version: 1.x

Before you can use OT/PPP, you must first set up these three control panels: Modem, TCP/IP, and PPP. If you do not have OT/PPP 1.x, it can be downloaded from http://www.info.apple.com

Please note: To use OT/PPP, you must be running on System 7.5x or higher with TCP/IP 1.1 or later.

To configure the modem control panel

  1. Select Control Panels then Modem from the Apple menu.

  2. Connect via: Select Modem unless you are using your Printer Port.

  3. Next to Modem select your modem from the list. If your modem is not listed, try Null Modem 19200 for a 14.4 modem, Null Modem 57600 for a 28.8, 33.6, or x2 modem.

  4. Select the appropriate Sound (on or off) and Dialing setting (tone or pulse).

  5. Close the modem control panel.

To configure the TCP/IP control panel

  1. Connect via: Select PPP.

  2. Configure: Select Using PPP Server.

  3. Name server addr.: Enter

  4. Implicit Search Path: Starting domain name: Enter coconet.com in this field.

  5. Ending domain name: Leave this field blank.

  6. Additional Search domains: Enter coconet.com in this field.

  7. Close the TCP/IP control panel.

To configure the PPP control panel

  1. In the Connection area, select Registered User.

  2. Name: Enter your CocoNet userID.

  3. Password: Enter your CocoNet password. Click the Save password box.

  4. Number: Enter the access number you use to connect to CocoNet.

  5. Click Connect if you wish to begin dialing. If you want to connect at a later time, proceed to the next step.

  6. Close the PPP control panel.

  7. Click Save in the dialog box.


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