My email stops downloading every time on message X.
(I have Norton AntiVirus.)

We strongly recommend all CocoNet clients using Norton Antivirus to disable NAV email protection.

To disable NAV email protection: Visual Tour
  1. Start Norton AntiVirus and click Options.
  2. Click Email Protection in the Options list.
  3. Depending on your version:
    • NAV 2000 users, uncheck "Enable email protection (recommended)," and then click OK.
    • NAV 2001 users, uncheck the boxes that correspond to the protected email clients.
  4. You may see a message regarding manual configuration, if so click No on Options for Norton Antivirus.

Norton AntiVirus will restore the settings and email protection will no longer be enabled on your computer.

If you disable email protection, is your computer still safe from email viruses?
Disabling email protection does not leave you vulnerable to viruses and malicious software in email. It is a separate layer of protection in addition to Auto-Protect. Auto-Protect scans any incoming files, including email, as they are saved to your hard drive. As long as you keep your virus definitions up to date with LiveUpdate, and keep Auto-Protect enabled and set to scan files as they are created or downloaded, your system is fully protected.

If you elect not to take any of these steps, you have two other options - we can hand edit your mailbox and reformat the offending message headers (a fee will be involved) or we will clear your mailbox free of charge.


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