How To Configure Microsoft Outlook 97

Outlook 97
  • Operating System: Windows 95, NT
  • Application: Microsoft Outlook
  • Application Version: 97

Microsoft Outlook is a fully featured e-mail and news reading application. This document will describe the configuration necessary to use Outlook to check your CocoNet e-mail and news.

To configure Outlook 97

  1. Open Outlook 97.

  2. Select Services from the Tools menu. The Services window will open displaying all the information services that are set up in the current profile.

  3. Click Add and select Internet Mail. The Internet Mail properties window will open and prompt you to enter your mail settings.

  4. Personal Information

    Enter Full Name: 	John Doe (example)
    Enter E-mail Address: 	johndoe@coconet.com 
  5. Mailbox Information

    Internet Mail server: 	mail.coconet.com 
    Account Name: 		username
    Password: 		your e-mail password
  6. Click Advanced Options. The Advanced Options window will open and prompt you for the outbound mail server. Enter mail.coconet.com

  7. Click OK.

  8. Click on the Connection tab.

  9. In the Connecting to Internet Mail area select your dial-up connection.

  10. In the Connecting to Internet Mail area select Connect using the modem.

  11. In the Dial using the following connection area select CocoNet.

  12. Below the Dial using the following connection window click on Login As. The Login As window will open and prompt you for your User Name and Password.

    User Name: your CocoNet username (example: johndoe) 
    Password:  your CocoNet Account login password
    Click OK to the Login As window.
  1. Click Apply at the bottom of the main Internet Mail window. Personal preferences can be entered or changed at this time.

NOTE: If you get the error message "Port already open" when you try to connect, Microsoft Fax may be loading. Disable Microsoft Fax and try to reconnect.

Outlook by default will check for new mail every 15 minutes. To change the time intervals between connection click on the Schedule button in the Transferring Internet Mail area.


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