General CocoNet Configuration and Server Information

The following information can be used to set up most Internet access software for use with your CocoNet account.

We have provided a comprehensive listing of the information required to configure CocoNet

To configure your connection software

POP server or POP3 server:	mail.coconet.com 
SMTP server or mail host:	mail.coconet.com 
News host or NNTP server:	news.coconet.com 
Domain name servers:
Username or User ID:		Your CocoNet User ID
Password:			Your CocoNet password
Type of account connection:	Choose PPP
Network Protocol:		PPP
Host Resolution:		Local DNS
Authentication Protocol:	Select Password Authentication Protocol (PAP)
IP Address: (dynamically assigned)
Default Gateway IP Address:
Startup command:		This is a command needed by some systems to 
                                initiate a PPP session. We don't use one, so 
                                leave this blank.
Baud Rate:		 	If using a 14.4k modem, select 19,200.
				If using a 28.8k/33.6k modem, select 38,400.
				If using a K56Flex/V.90 modem, select 115,200.
Data Bits:		        8
Stop Bits:			1
Parity:				none
Flow control:			Choose hardware
Parity check:		 	Choose no
Carrier detect:			Choose yes
Connector or Comm Port:		Check your computer's documentation.
Domain Suffix or domain:	Leave blank
Host Table:			Leave blank
PH Server:        	        Leave blank
Domain Name:			coconet.com
				(Windows NT 4.0 users leave blank)
Use accept server information	
and subnet mask option:		Select this option, if offered

Other server information

Web                              www.coconet.com


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